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Traffic Analysis - Five Factors For Successful Internet Marketing

Web traffic consists of visitors to a website over a period of time, which can either be permanent or temporary. Website traffic is commonly calculated by measuring the amount of unique visitors that come to a site over a set period of time, known as a session. A typical session will typically involve the visitor viewing one or more pages in a given period of time, and any visitors who return to the site for several consecutive sessions beforehand will most likely be repeat visitors. This means that every page view on a website makes a definite contribution towards the total amount of web traffic made over that period of time.

To measure website traffic, you can make use of several different methods. The most common ones are the so-called "page view" statistics and the so-called "time spent on the site" measurement techniques. Although these methods are fairly simple and easy to implement, they do not represent the whole picture when it comes to evaluating website traffic. These techniques only provide information on the visitors to a specific webpage; they cannot, for example, tell you whether these visitors were unique or if they came to the website just for clicking on advertising links. For a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, you need to assess the visitors who have landed on your website and get them to sign up, or convert into paying customers.

In order to evaluate traffic from other websites, a web statistician uses several tools and software packages to obtain the information you need. The most popular and accessible are Yahoo!, Google, and Technorati. These three tools and software packages collect data based on various factors such as page views, time spent on the site, the number of pages accessed, as well as the quality of links that are attached to each of the pages. Knowing how many visitors have come to your site, how many of those visitors came to the website through backlinks, and what percentage of these visitors converted into paying customers, will allow you to determine the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies. With this information, you can increase the amount of backlinks to your sites and use other SEO techniques to attract even more traffic to your websites.

The next thing to measure is the amount of traffic generated by specific keywords. Google, Yahoo! and Technorati will allow you to enter a list of keywords or keyword phrases and evaluate the number of clicks made each day by Internet users to these search terms.

Another useful way to analyze your traffic is through tracking tools provided by the competitors. These free tools will allow you to check the rate at which your competitors are increasing their presence on the web. Through this method, you can easily determine where improvements are necessary and which keywords will bring in more traffic. Also, analyzing your competition's websites will allow you to see where improvements could be the most effective.

Lastly, a Google Webmaster Tools account is highly recommended. Google Webmaster Tools account will allow you to create, maintain and monitor organic visitors to your site. This is valuable because it will provide you with a detailed snapshot of the state of your site. If you have an affiliate marketing program, you will be able to monitor the performance of your various campaigns, especially if you are not viewing your marketing results as an affiliate. This is a very effective tracking tool that should be a part of every website owner's online marketing arsenal.

* Please note: Each subscription is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Call 650-965-1234 to learn more.